Legal Fees

How much will you have to pay for our assistance?

Before we commence work on your behalf, we explain the basis upon which we charge fees.

Methods of calculating fees include:
• An hourly rate
• A lump sum.

Even if hourly rates are used, we endeavour to provide an estimate of the likely fees. However, it is often very difficult to predict with certainty the time likely to be spent on a matter.

The time spent will depend upon many factors including the extent of negotiations with other parties, researching the facts and the extent of your instructions.

However, in these cases, we will keep you informed of accruing costs so that you are not taken by surprise.

If a set lump sum is to be used, we will provide you that information prior to receiving your instructions to proceed.

Disbursements and out-of-pocket expenses

You will be asked to pay for or reimburse us on request for these expenses.

They may include such items as:
• Expert reports
• Searches at government departments
• Travelling and associated fees
• Filing fees
• Stamp duty
• City law stationers.

Court cases

In some court cases you may be entitled to recover some of your costs from the other party to the dispute. These circumstances will be fully explained to you.

Also, if unsuccessful, you may be ordered to pay part of the costs of the other party.

You should ensure you fully understand the risks associated with any court litigation.

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