Business & Commercial Law

The services our solicitors can provide in the area of Business include:

  • Advice on buying and selling a business
  • Confidentiality agreements
  • Terms and conditions
  • Incorporation of company structures
  • Establishing discretionary and unit trusts
  • Establishing partnership agreements
  • Establishing shareholder and unit holder agreements
  • Advising and drafting distribution agreements
  • Advising on and drafting employment contracts
  • General Contract Law
  • Consumer Law in Trade Practices and Fair Trading Provisions
  • Franchise agreements
  • Commercial disputes

Our solicitors in the course of advising on buying or selling a business, will carefully consider your aims and objectives and will advise you on the implications of capital gains and GST issues which need to be carefully examined.

Restraint covenants and ongoing employee contracts and relations are an integral part of any business transaction.

Property Law issues are nearly always an integral part of small business and our experience in this area of the law will be of benefit to you.

Incorporation of companies, establishing partnerships and joint ventures, discretionary and unit trusts are all undertaken after carefully considering your objectives and aims in establishing these commercial relationships.

These issues must be considered in the context of agreements between shareholders, partners, unit trust owners relating to the management of a business and the pre-emptive rights relating to buy/sell options between parties in their relationships. Those are all important aspects to business and relationships.

We have solicitors to advise you on distribution agreements, employment and contractor agreements and general contracts associated with small business.

Consumer Law has gained considerable importance over the years and we are able to advise you in relation to the myriad of provisions affecting small business.

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