Estate Planning, Wills & Deceased Estates

With changes to Superannuation Laws, blended families from new relationships and for other reasons, drafting Wills and planning your estate upon death or incapacity has assumed more importance in recent years.

Often drafting a ‘simple’ Will without proper consideration of all the consequences of the law may have severe unintended consequences. Following a property settlement, divorce or breakdown in a relationship, a review of your estate is necessary to ensure your wishes for the distribution and/or administration of your estate and financial affairs are implemented.

The appointment of an Attorney under a Power of Attorney and an Appointment of Enduring Guardian are a very important component of any estate planning exercise.

Our solicitors could provide you with advice on the law and help you implement your objectives.

Tax effective trusts may be appropriate in some circumstances. Our lawyers can advise you on the benefits and advantages of these techniques.

Accrued Capital Gains Tax on assets may also have unforeseen and detrimental consequences for those surviving you unless proper planning and an account of these areas of the law is undertaken.

Succession Law and Family Provisions Claims are often encountered in the context of Deceased Estate Law.

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