Residential & Commercial Conveyancing


Our solicitors have over 50 years of experience in conveyancing from the first homebuyer to seasoned developers. Some believe conveyancing has been reduced to an administrative task, not requiring a solicitor or lawyer.

However many licensed conveyancers do not have the breadth of legal knowledge our solicitors possess to enable them to effectively deal with property law and conveyancing.

Often taxation issues, including Capital Gains Tax and Goods and Services Tax are relevant to a conveyancing transaction, and there can be traps for the unwary.

In addition, contract law may be important when two or more parties purchase property. Often the need for a co-ownership agreement is overlooked.

The importance of mortgages is often also overlooked. They are important documents in a conveyancing transaction. We, as solicitors, are able to consider your mortgage documentation and provide advice on your obligations and liabilities and the ability to vary those mortgages in the future and advise you on the possible liabilities if you seek to vary the mortgage.

We take the time to discuss the broad picture with you so that your goals are identified.

We can also assist you in obtaining finance by referring you to experienced people in whom we have confidence.


We act for both landlords and tenants in Commercial Leases. Once again, our solicitors are experienced in dealing with Retail Leases and other Commercial Leases for both individuals and commercial clients.

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